What is Dual Intent in Canadian Immigration?

Dual intent is the intention to enter Canada with the goal of obtaining both temporary and permanent residency. Although having a dual purpose is acceptable, it may complicate the temporary resident visa application process.

Know About Dual Intent in Canadian Immigration

A foreign national who has dual intent usually has two intentions: one for temporary residence status and another for permanent resident status. Foreign citizens who apply for a temporary resident visa in Canada and have also applied for permanent residency in Canada or have indicated their intention to do so have dual intent.

To apply for a temporary residence visa, foreign nationals must demonstrate their intent to leave Canada by the end of their authorized stay. Thus, having dual intent frequently violates the prerequisites for temporary immigration to Canada.

If I Have Applied for Permanent Residence, Can I Still Come to Canada as a Temporary Resident?

In order to determine whether to grant a temporary visa, visa officers must determine whether the applicant truly intends to leave the country when their visa expires. The visa officer may award a temporary visa even though the applicant has a current application for permanent residency provided they are certain that the applicant will abide by the conditions of the temporary visa. The visa officer may reject the application if the applicant is unable to persuade them that their dual motive is sincere.

Dual Intent For International Students

A temporary visa holder must persuade the visa officer that they intend to abide by its terms if they want to study in Canada. Specifically, that they want to depart the nation when their student visa runs out.

Dual Intent for Spousal Sponsorship

When evaluating requests for temporary residence, visa authorities frequently consider the strength of the applicant’s ties to Canada to determine whether they would be likely to depart the country before their permit expires.

Determining Genuine Dual Intent in Canadian Immigration

An officer looks at several factors to determine whether a temporary visa applicant has genuine dual intent:

  • The length of stay in Canada
  • strong ties or relationships in their home country
  • Their reason for arriving to Canada as a temporary immigrant
  • If they have previously overstayed a visa, either in Canada, or any other country

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