What’s it like to be a Canadian Immigrant – Top 7 Reasons to Know

As the second largest country in the world after Russia, Canada is an accepted place for around 38,654,738 people. Canada is rich in population with nearly two-thirds of its population residing within 125 miles of the southern border. The land has got sufficient to offer affordable living, economic benefits, stability, safety, a well-developed education system, and a health system, and wait there is more!

Work-Life Balance
Canada is known for its remarkable quality of life. The country performs well in several parameters compared to other countries’ life indexes. Moreover, it offers a great balance to enjoy work and life to the fullest.

Homes in Canada
Canada offers an infinite list of secluded and spacious homes to live in. Such homes in Canada tend to be larger in size than in other countries. Even if you plan to sponsor your family, or relatives to the place, your home is going to accommodate everything comfortably.

Full-time or Part-time Jobs
A plethora of full-time or part-time job opportunities in the streams like medical, engineering, management, construction, artists and to name a few. The place is ideal not only in terms of working but also favorable for those who wish to start their own business. Big thanks to the Canadian government’s immigration policies, and sound taxation system.

Premium Healthcare System
Canada has an anchored health system that offers exceptional services to immigrants. Some of these services include senior citizen care, health care, and more. For the permanent residents of Canada, the country offers universal health care benefits which are fully managed by the paid taxes of Canadians.

World-Class Education System
Canada’s education sector is thriving and is composed of elementary school, higher school, and post-secondary educational services. According to research, the country is leading in the top streams of mathematics, science, and reading, Quantum Computing, Medical Research, and Space Science.

Dual- Passport
A Canadian passport is one of the most wanted ones in the world. It permits dual citizenship and is a plus once you’ve cleared the Canadian Citizenship Test. With a dual passport, you can easily get access to travel to as many countries as you want.
Canada’s Multiculturalism
This is so far the best and the most sought-after feature every immigrant or newcomer wishes to experience in a foreign land. The idea of adopting, embracing, and celebrating diverse cultures stays to be an attractive trait of the country. The best bit is, that Canada celebrates Multiculturalism fest every year on June 25th.

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In Canada one of best country for Asian people have to move to places.

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