How Does a Decline in Internet and Phone Costs Benefit Immigrants?

The most recent edition of Canada’s Price Comparison Study of Telecom Services indicates a decrease in pricing for wireless and residential internet services across the country in 2022.

More specifically, a recent government news release states that last year cell phone rates in Canada decreased on average by 2.6% across all tiers. Home internet costs either increased or decreased, with mid-range plans experiencing an 11% decrease. In addition, the Consumer Price Index data from Statistics Canada show that prices for cellular services have decreased by approximately 30% between 2019 and 2022, which is consistent with a larger trend.

Newcomers to Canada May Benefit the Most

Simply put, the most recent statistics indicate that telecom services are getting more and more affordable. All Canadians will benefit from affordability, but newcomers to Canada will benefit most from this recent update.

A Century Initiative study found that, after five years in Canada, the median income for immigrants was $7,300 less than the national median income. This is ideal for newcomers who can gain access to affordable goods and services as they typically start out with lower incomes than the average Canadian.

The Decline in Telecom Costs Brings Benefits to Immigrants

The declining costs of telecom services in Canada are good news for everyone in the country, particularly for newcomers who depend on these services to establish social networks and pursue employment. When settling into a new nation, Canadian immigrants place a high priority on finding affordable goods and services, and telecom services are no different.

A 2022 poll of Canadian immigrants found that 42% of the respondents got their news mostly from social media. Furthermore, 31% of those surveyed who used social media did so on six or more platforms. Social networking sites can assist immigrants in connecting with other newcomers, finding employment possibilities, and discovering community events. In short, as immigrants want to further their jobs and forge new social connections, the decline in telecom costs will make it simpler for them to take advantage of internet resources like social media. It is intended that as the price of communication services continues to drop, immigrants to Canada would find it simpler to prosper and feel at home in their new nation.

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