How to Pay Tuition Fees in Canada from India?

Canada is home to many top-ranked education institutions and thus every year the country welcomes thousands of International students from India. Students who want to pursue their education in Canada work hard to get admission to prestigious colleges. Right from the beginning, they might face challenges like tuition scams.

Thus, this guide will particularly examine the various challenges faced by Indian students when attempting to pay their Canadian tuition from India.

Why You Should Pay Fees Directly from Your Account?

Students who gain admission to Canadian colleges are expected to pay their tuition fee before coming to Canada and beginning their courses. This makes it difficult as they feel unable to do the transaction effectively. Fortunately, Canadian universities accept payment through various safe methods.

How to pay tuition fees in Canada from India?

To pay the tuition fees, there are legitimate options such as bank-to-bank transfer and online payment options through non-Canadian cards like MasterCard and Visa. However, to complete the University tuition payments from India, there are some tips for students to keep in mind when making their payments;

Must connect with your Canadian University before Paying

Students who have gotten a message from their College regarding tuition shall first contact the university via email or telephone.

Use Trusted Payment Gateways

Students who don’t have bank-to-bank t/f options may select to utilize some legitimate payment gateways. Services such as Flywire can be chosen to complete your payment securely and effectively.

Why You Should Avoid Sending Tuition Money Through Agents?

The problem of sending tuition fees through agents has been generally archived because of the rising tuition scams. Now, parents of Indian students who have no idea how to deposit the tuition fee might get involved in hiring agents.

Agents connect with the guardians to do some tuition scams. On one side, parents think that these agents will complete the payment on their behalf but on the other hand, this scamming process is already a planned strategy for the agents. Therefore, it is advised to not reach out to any agents who make such promises otherwise students might face serious issues even before the semester begins.

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