How Can I get a Job in Canada?

Getting a job in Canada can be discouraging at times. From knowing about Canadian regulated jobs, the type of documents required, and preparation for job interviews, there is a lot to do to get a job in Canada.

To start with, learn about the skills required for a job search, gather all the resources to find a job, search for job vacancies, and lastly apply for jobs in Canada.

How to Start with a Job Search in Canada?

Know the Job Resources

The process begins with accumulating all the legitimate resources that help in searching for jobs in Canada. A few resources include:

  • Immigrant-Serving Organizations
    Offer services and programs for newcomers like resume building and writing workshops, job search training programs, skills assessments, workplace experience programs, test prep for licenses or certificates, and language training for jobs to name a few.
  • Service Canada
    A job information repository for immigrants applying for jobs in Canada.
  • Provincial Website
    Explore the Canadian province’s website which provides information about new jobs for newcomers.

Search for Jobs in Canada

There are plenty of ways to find jobs in Canada:

  • Explore Canadian Companies
    Research the companies where you want to work. Explore their websites and social media platforms. You can also drop your query or directly contact the recruiters.
  • Visit Job Expo or Job Fairs
    You may visit the job fairs to meet the big-league career counselors and employers.
  • Look for Immigration Consultant

If you fail to help yourself, seek assistance from verified immigration consultants to get a job in Canada.

Apply for Jobs in Canada

Follow these steps to apply for a job vacancy in Canada:

  • Send your cover letter and resume to the employer
  • If asked, send your genuine documents that must include your work experience certificate and educational degrees.
  • Be ready for a quick virtual or telephonic interview
  • Prepare for a final interview

If an employer finds you right for the job post, he will offer a formal job letter to you to immigrate to Canada.

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