How to Make Canada Immigration a Hassle-free Process?

Every day someone dreams to live and work in Canada. Canada is one of the most-sought after destinations for immigrants across the world. The major reason for people immigrating to Canada is their opportunities, stable life, and different immigration programs. Canada offers a wide range of immigration programs for students and skilled workers such as PNP, RNIP, Express Entry, etc.

Canada’s immigration process might be perceived as difficult, but if you follow all the instructions, it’s not complex. Therefore, to help your Canadian immigration dream, we have created a helpful guide. These steps will help you go through the immigration process hassle-free.


First things first, learn about the eligibility criteria. Canada receives tons of applications for student visas, PR, and work permits. These applications are received through various immigration programs. Such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Federal skilled worker program, etc. Before you proceed with your journey, understand the eligibility of these programs. Also, identify which program suits you the best.

Create Profile

After you select your program, the second step is to create an official profile. Express Entry profile is an online application where applicants are assessed on various parameters. These parameters have different points out of 1200. It is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) that Canada uses for their immigration applicants. Consequently, based on these points, the eligibility, and invitation to apply (ITA) for residency in Canada are provided by the government.


After you scored eligible points on CRS, now is the time to upload the necessary documents. If you have the correct documentation as mentioned in the guidelines, it is easy for the visa officer to assess your application. You might receive a call to submit more documents to analyze your genuineness. However, make sure you upload your documents within 60 days of receiving your ITA.

Pay fees

After processing documents, you need to pay immigration fees. It is the final step of your application by your side. However, complete your application within 60 days, if you want your process to be smooth and quick.

These are the basic steps you need to follow for your immigration process. However, sometimes eligibility criteria and other requirements are not understandable to applicants. So, if you feel the same, you can consult an expert to help you.

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