What do I need to know about a Skilled Worker in Canadian Immigration?  

A skilled worker is a type of worker who possesses out-of-the-ordinary skills, a deep-rooted understanding of a subject, extensive on-the-job training, and promising potential in their work. They have gone to a school, college, or varsity to boost their education and gain an edge in specialized subject-matter knowledge. Most of the time, the skilled worker is likely to get a chance on the job only to learn some vital and required skills. Thus, ample knowledge and training make a skilled worker more experienced or skillful.

Skilled worker job profiles get a hold of industrial experience coupled with expertise and education in the streams like software development, police, doctors, operators, plumbers, painters, medical technicians or assistants, bookkeepers, drafters, and more.

Skilled Worker Immigration Overview

IRCC regulates the process of skilled worker immigration under the system of express entry where the candidates with the top scores are invited to apply (ITA) for;

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Provincial Nomination entries

The candidates under the above-mentioned programs show their interest in a profile to the express entry pool. For instance, the federal skilled workers under the Federal skilled worker program from a wide range of qualified jobs, if meeting minimum eligibility criteria may enter with the profile to the express entry pool. If the profile secures a good CRS score, the candidate gets an invitation to apply (ITA). ITA for a permanent Canadian residence depends on a federal skilled worker’s qualification, age, work experience, and language abilities. Along the same lines, the candidate needs to meet certain conditions mentioned below;

  • Within the last 10 years, the candidate must have a one-year of full-time work experience or an equal part-time job under 347 eligible occupations listed in the National occupational classification (NOC) system.
  • Under NOC, the work applied occupation has to be within either Skill Type 0 or A or B
  • The candidate must have passed with a minimum of 67 points under the skilled worker grid.
  • The candidate must pass a language test and show language proficiency in English or French with a Canadian language benchmark of 7 pointers.
  • Must acquire a sufficient settlement funding
  • The candidate must also go through a background check and medical examination

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